Ages U8 and up

Travel Program

Our Travel teams are designed for kids 7-11 years old (U8 to U12) who have the interest and ability to compete at a higher level than is available through our Intramural program. 

Players are selected via tryouts in the spring for teams that will compete in the following fall, winter, and spring seasons, and the commitment is for the full playing year.

We typically ask that players attend at least two practices per week, and attend as many games as possible even in winter and spring. We do our best to take other activities into account when planning schedules.

Travel soccer challenges players to realize their potential through more intensive training, higher levels of competition, and more frequent games. Players are expected to attend scheduled practices and games, support the Club and their teammates, and to win or lose as a team. While playing time will not be equal, it will be fair and will foster the development of every player.

Scholarships can be requested through the registration process. Registration occurs after children are notified they have been chosen to participate on a travel team. 

For more information on our scholarship program and travel opportunities after Spring tryouts contact us below 

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