Our Travel program is designed for players ages 7 to 11 years old (U8 to U12) who have the interest and ability to compete at a higher level than is available through our Intramural program.

Players are selected via tryouts in the spring for teams that will compete in the following fall, winter, and spring seasons, and the commitment is for the full playing year.

For information about current programs, click here.

U12 Boys - Gray  (2012)

Head Coach: Thomas Kpanka
Manager: Arthur van Benthem

U12 Boys - Green (2012)

Head Coach: Brandon Milbourne
Manager: Faith Goldstein and Meghan Squire

U12 Girls - (2012)

Head Coach: Keefa Wade
Manager: Kendra Rothmaier

U11 Girls (2013)

Head Coach: Charlie Flowe
Manager: Jessica McAtamney and Adi Hirshberg

U11 Boys - Gray  (2013)

Head Coach: Ray Nedbal
Manager: Ray Nedbal

U11 Boys - Green (2013)

Head Coach: Brandon Milbourne
Manager: Rafi Nieto and Robert Weyman

U10 Boys - Gray  (2014)

Head Coach: Chris Hennessy
Manager: Sara Dillon

U10  Boys - Green (2014)

Head Coach: Chris Hennessy
Manager: Andrew Smith

U10 Girls (2014)

Head Coach: Suraphael Mbonisi
Manager: Alexandra Fazio

U9 Boys Blue

Head Coach: Keefa Wade
Manager: Megan Gabriel and Patrapan Juntavee

U9 Boys Gray

Coach: Ray Nedbal
Manager: Ray Nedbal and Malvin Cuello

U9 Boys  Green (2015)

Head Coach: Thomas Kpanka 
Manager: Evan Anderson

U9 Girls Gray  (2015)

Head Coach: Justin  Haskell
Manager: Antoinette Kraus

U9 Girls Green 

Head Coach: Suraphael Mbonisi
Manager: Kate Logan

U8 Girls (2016)

Head Coach: Justin Haskell
Manager: Margaret Kendel and Nik Devore

U8 Boys  (2016)

Head Coach: Matt Subits 
Manager: Ilana Goldfuss and Trish Gannon