Fright Fest Costume Contest

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, teams are encouraged (but not required) to wear costumes. Costumes must not interfere with ability to play or contain hard and/or sharp objects which could injure players.


1) Shin guards, socks, and cleats must be worn by all players.

2) All players costumes must be soccer safe. No masks, head pieces, capes, accessories or props, can be worn during games. Tournament referees, with the tournament committee’s input, will determine if a costume is safe for play. Please contact us at [email protected], if you have any questions or want clarification on costumes.

3) For the purpose of game play, the team costumes should be the same style and color (i.e., all players on same team should wear same costumes).

4) Jersey numbers must be visible and displayed consistently for all players on a team. 


1) Girls' and Boys' Team prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be awarded for best costumes.

2) Please use the hashtag #FSAFrightFest when posting photos! Team prizes will be a discount towards next year’s event.

3) The tournament committee will determine the winners. 

4) All players will receive tournament treats bag and digital team photos. All players on the winning teams for the costume contest will also receive a special commemorative treats bag.


There will be an onsite tournament photographer who will take team photos at the photo  backdrop area.. Cost of digital team photos is included with the tournament registration fee. Team photos will emailed to the registration contact person following the tournament.