Fairmount Fright Fest
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Oct 22 and Oct 29, 2023

Boys One-Day Tournament - Sunday, 10/22/2023
Girls One-Day Tournament - Sunday, 10/29/2023

Tournament Details

[email protected]

Age Groups:

Tournament Format and Fees:
U8 (7v7), 14 player roster max - $425
U9 (7v7),14 player roster max - $425
U10 (7v7),14 player roster max - $425
U11 (9v9) 16 player roster max - $475 
U12 (9v9) 16 player roster max - $475 

Application Deadline:
Registration is closed.

Edgely Field, Reservoir Drive Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19121

Event Behavior

The FrightFest was started as an event for teams to enjoy the game and the spirit of the holiday by dressing up and having fun with their teammates & friends. Fairmount Soccer Association has ZERO TOLERANCE for abusive or discriminatory behaviors or comments from or towards any staff member, coach, referee, parent, spectator or player. Individuals or teams who engage in abusive or discriminatory (racially motivated or otherwise) behavior will be removed from the tournament and may not be allowed to return in future years. Please see FSA's policy here.


Registration is Closed

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